About the IPESA project


IPESA is the short name for the project “Improvement of the performance and quality of the public extension service in the livestock sector”. As Albania’s Agriculture and Food Sector develops and moves towards closer integration with the European Union, there is a need for a strong and effective Farm Advisory System (FAS). Currently, the public extension (advisory) service in Albania has a number of strengths. But it also faces many challenges to make it more effective and efficient in delivering appropriate farm and business management advice and services to farmers.
IPESA is funded by the EU and is being implemented by the consultancy company NIRAS IC (Poland) using best European models and practice. A three-year project, it began in May 2017 and continues until May 2020.

Project Objectives

The overall objective is to contribute to the increase of farm income from livestock sector while ensuring economic feasibility, social fairness and environmental sustainability.
The project purpose of this contract is to improve the capacity of extension service to select, design, communicate and disseminate to farmers useful information on agricultural production and management including appropriate knowledge to the animal farming sector.

Project Key Results

Result 1: Effective extension service is established following the improvement of institutional and administrative framework. This involves: supporting organisational strengthening; clarifying who is the target group and the kind of information they require; and strengthening the systems for effective and efficient service delivery.
Result 2: Quality of information of extension service is increased due to enhanced capacities and skills investments. This involves: supporting development of material relevant for addressing the advisory needs of target farmers; providing training to extension advisers on the material and for effective and efficient methods of delivery.

Project Key Beneficiaries

Main Project Beneficiary
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and its public extension service
Other Beneficiaries
The Agriculture Technology Transfer Centres (ATTCs)
Livestock-based associations and farms
Livestock and other farmers who participate in focus groups and pilot trials of new approaches.

Project Experts

A number of other non-key experts, national and international, are contracted for complementary expertise.